un-knot your brain

Pillars of Learning: Neuropsychological Tutoring

What we do

  • Help students overcome academic struggles or lifelong learning challenges
  • Identify student’s cognitive compensation pattern and adjust them
  • Train students how to understand error patterns on their own so that student can become self-sufficient

Which Produces

  • Lasting and sustainable student progress and self-awareness
  • More equitable, neuroinclusive, and bias-aware settings
  • Precise intervention
  • Accurate evaluation referrals
  • Test prep score improvements into high ranges alongside academic improvement

Because of

  • 11 years of experience working with complex learning profiles
  • Applied neuropsychological framework that addresses compensation patterns
  • Humanist belief in the power of self-actualization through knowledge sharing
  • Experience in and out of the classroom with diverse populations

How and Why It Works:

Compensation patterns.

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